RA-2 Multiple hinge embossing machines

INGENIA RA-x hinge embossing machines are flexible stand-alone machines for integration into a production line. RA-x machines are for finishing 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 hinges within a cycle. Machines with 2/3 stations are used for two-part production of foldable boxes from extruded hollow chamber boards with chamber structure in 1 axis and 2 requisite welds. Machines with 4/6 stations are for processing long boards. This allows you to produce a split ring with 1 weld.

Modell max. Working width
12.12 RA-2 hydraulic 1.200 mm
15.12 RA-2 hydraulic 1.550 mm

RA-2 extra equipment

  • Extra channel/hinge embossing station
  • More embossing tools on request
  • Non-standard paint finish

Production line for making foldable boxes

1. Stamping machine
2. Channel machine / Hinge embossing
3. Loading flap production unit
4. S econo welding machines
End products of foldable box production