Bending Machine A-BW

The A-BW is a semi-automatic series. The bending cycle runs automatically. Bending times are set on the display. Any value entered can be changed by the operator. The bending radi are manually set via a bending line correction This permits continuously adjustable 10° – 95° bending angles. As heating and bending occur at one position, the machine operates without the usual transfer of sheets. This makes handling the machine that much easier and operator-friendly.

This machine comes in the following versions:
2 m, 3 m and 4 m working widths
Material thickness to be processed of up to 15 mm.

Model Working width
Material thickness
20.15 A-BW 2.000 mm 15 mm
30.15 A-BW 3.000 mm 15 mm
40.15 A-BW 4.000 mm 15 mm
Bending cheek with cylinder
Heating sword
Example of a specimen bending