Sheet Roller for all Welding Machines

The aid in perfection when producing circular tanks. This solution guarantees additional safety and saves substantially on time. Large cylinders can also be manufactured with this variant involving a low personnel outlay.

Model KZ-V

Variable sheet roller for all welding machines. For 6 -30 mm sheets and 1000 – 5000 mm diameters. This sheet roller only operates in conjunction with an overhead crane.

Model RZ-V

RZ-V model sheet roller for all welding machines. For 5 25 mm sheets and 500 – 2,500 mm diameters.

We would be more than happy to also provide you with other sheet roller solutions.

Modell RZ-VM

Modell: 1.2 (2x Winden und Motoren) an der Maschine befestigt für Platten 4 –  25 mm und Durchmesser ca. 600  – 3.000 mm.